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Google acquires huge property in Skien, Norway!

We can confirm that Google has bought approx. 200 hectare of property at site Gromstul.

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For over 1000 years trade and innovation have been our business. Service is in our genes. Ease of doing business is our top of mind awareness.

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Skien (pron. /²ʃe:en/) is the capital of Vestfold and Telemark with about 55.000 inhabitians, situated close to Porsgrunn and Bamble.

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Schools and Education

Skien has 19 public primary and secondary schools, schools for special needs, and adult education.

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Leisure and activities

Be sure to experience the great variety of activities, recreation and sports in Skien.

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Children and family

Departement for Preventive health care for children, youths and for birth care is established to secure a good life for all, independent of social background.

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